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Extensive International Network of Advisors

Larry King

Mr. King is recognized internationally as one of the premier broadcast interviewers. He retired from CNN after 25 years as host of Larry King Live, boasting the longest tenure of any broadcaster hosting the same program in the same time slot.

General Lewis MacKenzie (Retired)

General MacKenzie served in the Canadian Forces for 35 years and is known for establishing and commanding Sector Sarajevo as part of the United Nations Protection Force in the former Yugoslavia.

Hon. Pierre Pettigrew

Hon. Pettigrew was a Canadian federal cabinet minister through successive governments from 1996 to 2006. He served in many positions including Minister of Foreign Affairs, Minister for International Trade and Minister of Health.

Jim Rogers

Mr. Rogers is regarded by the business world as a brilliant international investor, author and financial commentator. He created the Rogers International Commodities Index (RICI) and co-founded the Quantum Group of Funds.

Michael Spektor

Mr. Spektor is currently President of Black Iron Inc. and an international investor with substantial experience in creating and developing numerous successful and globally significant business projects.

Bernard Wilson

Dr. Wilson is an Advisor in Corporate Finance and Investment Banking and has extensive experience in major financial restructurings and advises on international trade and commerce issues.